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Livlife bread  Livlife
Low-carb bread completely misses the point

A new bread loaf with half the carbs of other loaves is not the solution, real food and understanding is

Supermarket checkout  Ryan McVay, Getty Images
Aggressive marketing of sweets at supermarket checkouts should be banned

Marketing to children is a dirty business. But would this move diminish our personal responsibility and limit our freedom to do as we choose?

EU bans olive oil jugs? It's ridiculous!  Nico Tondini-Getty Images
EU bans olive oil jugs? It's ridiculous!

As of next year the European Commission will ban olive oil jugs and dipping bowls from restaurants.

The Great British Bake Off  Amanda Searle for Love Productions
Crying over a soggy bottom? British bakers are made of sterner stuff.

American contestants have managed to take British export The Great British Bake Off and turn it into X Factor, with crumbs…

Kids watching a football match  Jon Buckle, EMPICS Sport, Press Association
Well done Coca-Cola – no food or drink should be pushed to under 12s. Ever.

Marketing giant Coca-Cola has pledged to stop advertising to children under 12. Every other food and drink manufacturer has a moral duty to do the same...

Tea and biscuits  Peter Byrne, PA Archive, Press Association Images
You won't solve obesity by making my biscuits smaller

A proposed government initiative would see the size of biscuits being reduced to help fight a rise in obesity. Why should we all suffer because some people are gluttons?

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