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13/09/2013 11:15 | By Stefan Chomka, contributor, MSN Food
The UK’s - and the world's - best designed restaurants and bars

The UK’s - and the world's - best designed restaurants and bars, revealed

The UK’s - and the world's - best designed restaurants and bars (© Various-MSN)
  • The UK’s - and the world's - best designed restaurants and bars (© Various-MSN)
  • Best standalone bar or club: The Lost & Found, Birmingham (© The Lost & Found)
  • Best pub: Newman Street Tavern, Fitzrovia, London (© Newman Street Tavern)
  • Best restaurant or bar in another space: Burgers & Cocktails by Giraffe, Castleford (© Giraffe)
  • Best restaurant or bar in a hotel: Atrium Champagne Bar, Central London (© Atrium Champagne Bar)
  • Best London bar: The Roxy, Fitzrovia, London (© The Roxy)
  • Best restaurant or bar in a heritage building: Apero, London (© Apero)
  • Best standalone restaurant: Kitchen Table, Bubbledogs, Fitzrovia, London (© Bubbledogs)
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Last night the winners were announced in the Restaurant & Bar Design Awards 2013.

So which is the slickest bar in the capital, where’s the coolest restaurant to eat in the country and which pub comes top in the design world? Here are the winners in each category.

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13/09/2013 15:55
Some of these places are beautiful. Some are horrendous. Minus points for using the phrase 'peasant-like charm'- that's like something Will Ferrell's Mugatu would use to describe the Derelicte show in Zoolander. Double minus points to the place with a Damian Hurst horror show on display. Ahhaha it's funny cos we killed a cow and a chicken and that's wot you're eating here.ahahah aren't we clever! There they are! Dead and humiliated! 'lol'
Hilarious hypocrisy points for Jamie Oliver selling crisps at his place after his years of self-righteousness and food fascism. Extra minus points to me for my self-righteousness and because I will more than likely have oven pizza or a poorly constructed sandwich for dinner in the elegant surroundings of an untidy living room that needs a good hoover and will probably never visit most, if any of these places, though would very much like to and I should be doing something constructive at this moment and am talking to no one right now. That is my review of this review. I'm sure you give a flying crap. Good day!
13/09/2013 12:21
Torquay is in DEVON!!!!  Not Cornwall.......
13/09/2013 17:53
Completely agree with burp96 especially on the Damian Hurst point....
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