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The UK's best fish and chip shops 2013: the winners

Best in London and south east England: Henleys of Wivenhoe – Colchester, Essex

Henleys of Wivenhoe (© Henleys of Wivenhoe)
  • Fish and chips (© Getty Images)
  • The Crispy Cod (© The Crispy Cod)
  • Pit-Stop Fast Food & Bistro (© Pit-Stop Fast Food & Bistro)
  • Wigmore Fish Restaurant (© Wigmore Fish Restaurant)
  • Burton Road Chippy (© Burton Road Chippy)
  • Richardson's Fish Bar (© Richardsons Fish Bar)
  • Henleys of Wivenhoe (© Henleys of Wivenhoe)
  • The Quayside (© The Quayside)
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David Henley, the owner of Henleys of Wivenhoe, said: “Henleys of Wivenhoe has been established for 10 years so it’s fantastic to win this award as the milestone is very special to us.

“After finishing third place in 2006, the team and I have been determined to come back and win the award and we are so proud to be recognised as the best in London and South East England.

“The shop is only as good as the people behind it and its customers – so we have a lot to be thankful for. The awards process has been great and the entire team has been motivated for the end goal.”

Henleys of Wivenhoe, 9 Vine Parade, Wivenhoe, Colchester, Essex CO7 9HA

24/01/2013 21:37
Some of these entries are dangerously close to the patronising recognition you get from lazy Guardian type food-writers. For instance, in Whitby there are at least two Fish shops as good as the one mentioned

Here in York, tucked down an unremarkable terraced street near the football ground is remnant of what fish and chip shops used to be, back when they inhabited most streets of the North.. . It's run only by a middle aged married couple who wear old-style plain white overalls, and the shop is a bare plank-board affair with perhaps a couple of cans of dandelion and burdock adorning a sparse shelf. He's been frying for fifteen years or more (whilst she serves) and the fayre is always excellent. They don't need modern adornment, nor corporate T-shirts with logos for staff, nor will they be recognised by trendy web pundits, nor do they need to.

I'll stick with them I think.
24/01/2013 16:55

dont we have chippy's in the northern half of england, seems all the chippys are southern except one welsh, one scottish and one Northern Ireland. yet we all know the best chippy's are in the northeast

so our only entry for over half of england is one in whitby


25/01/2013 02:06
if tesco did fish and chips, would they use seahorse meat?
25/01/2013 08:09
I love fish and chips but it is a British institution and I am sick fed up of Chinese people taking over this who know nothing about tradition and use MSG.  I refuse to buy fish and chips from a Chinese restaurant and will only buy fish and chips from British. 
24/01/2013 14:39
yum.i could just eat fish and chips now.
24/01/2013 14:52
Since when was Cheltenham in the Midlands?
24/01/2013 19:55
Your editor's shown his arse and forgotten to include Grimsby and Cleethorpes I assume?
... it`s not possible to have the best UK fish and chip shop 2013 when we are not even at the end of January yet !
24/01/2013 18:51

I am so old I can remember when I was a little lad in south east London you could get eat in fish and chips with 2 slices of bread and butter ( marge ) and a cup of tea for one shilling and six pence in old money that's 7-1/2 P and if brought out it was wrapped in newspaper, those were the days. Our local chippy in Haywards Heath West Sussex is run by a Hong Kong Chinese family they are very nice people and their  F&C is very good but not cheap.

I was always under the impression that Whitby and Fleetwood were in the north, am I wrong?
24/01/2013 14:55
chips should be fried in beef dripping plenty of salt and fish should be thick crispy batter, the reason fish and chips don't taste of anything in most outlets today is we have all gone low fat mad, that's a good idea lets all live to be 90 and freeze to death instead "LOL", read pure white and deadly the real villain is sugar NOT fat most products today have replaced fat with sugar we are consuming 6x the sugar we did just ten years ago this is what is killing people not fat that just gets stored up and looks bad, it is possible to be fat and healthy just stay away from sugars, my dad was 19.5 stone and 86 when he died my uncle tom was 22 stone and 96 when he died but he was a none smoker as well like me i am 23 stone and fitter than most people i know, the chippy i eat from at least 3x a week does not add sugar to anything and defiantly doesn't use the deadly corn oil that's why americans are fat and unhealthy with it heart  attack capital of the world clogged arteries from sweet oils and added sugars.
Regardless of which chippy that you frequent, I bet it serves a lot more chips for your money than many of the well known fast food establishments. Oops sorry, they don't sell chips, do they? They sell (French) fries. 99p for a 'medium' fries at M is an absolute rip off and you don't get a choice on whether you want salt or not. At 'proper' chippies they are worth their, er, salt, because they ask you if you want salt (and vinegar) with your chips. Well done to all regional and national winners. You may take your 'plaice' in history! I note that some of these have been in families for generations. Thus they are clearly chips off the old block. O.K., I'll stop now as some think that I am talking a load of Pollocks, no Codding. I'm not the Sole person who makes puns you know.
25/01/2013 09:20
never tasted the same since they stopped using news paper, them were the days when you would get fish and chips from a van wrapped in last weeks news.
25/01/2013 16:29

These kinds off awards are all a bit fishy to me.

24/01/2013 15:04

MMMMM wish i could visit some of them lovely Chipie's

all to far from me & the Local Chip shops near me,

seem to be dried out chips & not very nice :-(

Is it due to them not selling as much, so it get's dried out,

or is it a case their just horrible full stop....

Eitheir way i miss a Good Local Chipie .


Well done to all for giving your local customers a Real Treat :)

26/01/2013 19:35
Any one who sells fish and chips in a cardboard box should be thrown into his/her own vats.  Bring back newspaper wrapping.  Chips in proper fat are the best but must be scoffed immediately. Had some f & c in Hastings recently. Fish was good but chips were frozen reheats - absolutely disgusting, and guess what - correct - The proprietors were NOT natives. 
18/05/2013 22:27
There are several in Whitby and one in Robin Hoods Bay that will knock most into a cocked hat - run by English people of course.  
24/01/2013 19:29
i can,t find a decent chippie in London,the best was in lison grove but was sold and it aint the same ever since,there used to be great chippies but its hard to find 1?congrats to the guys & dolls in scotland but lend a helping hand to those called london chippies whoe have sold to others and they have not a clue, its drippin,its cold,it terrible,please,please,please BRING OR TELL ME WHERE THE CHIPPIE IN NW LONDON ANYONE?regards;smg191260@hotmail.co.uk

25/01/2013 14:47
The 2 chippies in Aldeburgh, Suffolk would take some beating. Queues at both everyday they are open
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