16/12/2011 11:27 | By Helenka Bednar, contributor, MSN Food
Top 10 cheeses and how to use them in a cheeseboard


Milleens cheese (© Milleens)
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Served up to the Queen on her recent trip to Ireland, Millens is a soft, washed-rind cheese. And if it's good enough for Her Majesty, it's good enough for the ultimate cheeseboard. Try serving with Tracklements' New Fruit Cheeses - little pots of pure fruit preserve which come in damson, gooseberry and quince flavours.

Milleens is available at Neal's Yard Dairy in Borough Market and in Covent Garden, London as well as several other stockists. Visit the Milleens website for details.

16/12/2011 09:30

I suppose all the comments on here are bound to be personal opinion but frankly , the above cheeses are sadly lacking .

My  perfect  cheese board has a Somerset Brie , A Shropshire Blue , A Lancashire Creamy, a Cheshire Red, A cotswold cheese , A Wensleydale with Cranberry, An Inkeeepr's Choice  and  A Stilton with Apricot

This cheese board actually caters for all tastes in cheeses from Blue to fruity cheeses, soft to flavoured. 

16/12/2011 08:39

Where is the King of All Cheeses: STILTON!?


16/12/2011 11:59

I'm with Kevin on this one - where is the king of cheese, Stilton?

If I must choose one off MSN's list then I'll go with the Blacksticks Blue which is a very pleasant cheese. Unlike Roquefort it doesn't burn your mouth and it's made in Lancashire, England - need I say more? Smile

16/12/2011 12:51
I can't afford to buy cheese this year.
17/12/2011 01:29
good points:
artisan cheddar
cornish yarg

where is me Stilton?  How you want to celebrate Christmas without a traditional British Stilton Pot?
Where is the Cheshire?

and please please stop destroying the flavours with cranberries raisins and other stuffs in the cheeses
buy original flavours and add a nice chutney to your cheese
or try some quince fruit purée with your artisan cheddar and  the flavours gonna blow your mind
try different flavoured crackers biscuits for cheese
check the selection in your local delicatessen, don't say you got to leave your wallet on the cheese counter every day but occasions such as Christmas deserves a quality treat

full of respect of the knowledge of the British Cheeseboard but please please do not say that mass production plastic vacuum-packed cheddar taste and represent the same quality like Artisan Cheddars!
16/12/2011 15:02

we are all cheese connoisseurs by the look of it .


I saw a cheese recently called Old Hag but did not buy it as I was unsure as to whom I could give it with that name .......



19/12/2011 16:39
mmmmm stilton on a Christmas afternoon with  a large glass of vintage port Wink
16/12/2011 17:13
Only 3 -5 cheeses ??? my boys would n't consider that a decent cheese board
17/12/2011 14:04
Stilton is  extra delicious crumbled on top of a steaming bowl of home made leek and potato soup accompanied by a chuck of soda bread . Delightful on a cold snowy winter's day like today .
16/12/2011 18:51
some fab british cheeses named  in these posts ......Wink 
16/12/2011 14:54

Now ya talkin' Alison . If you want a proper cheese board , it would have to be a Lancashire one


Lancashire Creamy,  Garstang Blue ( delicious ), Mrs Kirkham's and of course ...Parlick , very local to Chipping


and no ..I live in Cheshire not Lancashire .

26/12/2011 03:16

Cashel blue is a lovely Irish blue cheese, it's softer than Stilton. Regrettably, I've just had the last of it. Picos Blue is my fave blue though, I like the smelly rind just under the leaves best. The nicest soft cheeses, in my view, are Epoisse, St Felicien and Vacherin. As things are so difficult here, maybe you Stilton lovers  have been right all along to buy British and help our farmers.

I really cannot eat Stinking Bishop though.

16/12/2011 18:21
17/12/2011 20:28

 Stilton is lovely,  but having tasted Garstang blue and Shropshire blue , I can never eat any other blue cheese but these . well maybe a blue brie perhapsEmbarrassed  yum



16/12/2011 14:58
lol it "develops mushroom characters". You guys should try old amsterdam, its divine. Sweet and hard, with hints of caramel.
27/12/2011 15:43

If you want a french blue then ST Auger has to be the one , It s lovely by itself or in a blue cheese and broccoli soup


a county Tyrone bally blue is lovely too

18/12/2011 13:05
No damned Stilton anywhere, who writes this utter rubbish, you should be ashamed of yourselves, you wouldn't know a popular cheese if one fell on your head.
16/12/2011 15:22

Of course one would have to get the champers to wash all this lovely cheese done. I'll just get Jeeves to pop down to Forum & Masons..... come on MSN what planet do you live on. I guess for some of us there is no recession!!! LOL Merry Christmas anyway. Smile

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