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Updated: 19/02/2013 11:15 | By Neil Davey, contributor, MSN Food
What to do with lesser-known meat cuts

Onglet steak

Onglet steak (© Neil Davey-MSN)
  • Supermarket meat counter (© Neil Davey-MSN)
  • Beef shin (© Neil Davey-MSN)
  • Beef cheek (© Neil Davey-MSN)
  • Bavette steak (© Neil Davey-MSN)
  • Onglet steak (© Neil Davey-MSN)
  • Oxtail (© Neil Davey-MSN)
  • Lamb neck fillet (© Neil Davey-MSN)
  • T-bone steak (© Neil Davey-MSN)
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"This one's easy to explain," says Nathan. "Onglet hangs between the 12th and 13th rib." This puts it close to the liver and kidneys, and the meat has a slight offal tang as a result: it's a richly flavoured cut that you should fry quickly and serve with chips. It sounds better in French though: onglet is the classic steak in steak frites.

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