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How to season a dish while cooking

Salt and pepper
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When cooking, add salt and freshly milled pepper by hand from a bowl. Using grinders or mills over steaming saucepans will clog up the mechanism. You''ll probably also add more seasoning this way too - and that's one of the reasons restaurant food generally tastes better than your cooking.

04/09/2012 13:20
I quite often find myself in a hotel with pile of local cheeses and nothing to cut them with...
04/09/2012 09:45
Nice 1 MSN responsable for a few house fires - due to telling  whoppers to put a toaster on its side Have you no responsabilities at all or are you just not bothered , Never put a toaster on its side & always make sure both slots are full otherwise you risk the appliance catching fire! always refer to the manufactures instruction & not some overpaid prat from an MSN editorial
04/09/2012 12:22

neil davey should be sacked for giving out utterly terrible and life threatening advice. never put a toaster on its side it really is a big mistake. i hope you can sleep at night neil you grade A baffoon

04/09/2012 18:39
who thought of this toaster idea is a complete idiot dont even think about doing this
Just shown your toaster idea to an electrician msn. Would you allow me to write what has just been said, ??!@@""**??||
04/09/2012 13:44
Another way to get more juice from your citrus fruit is to put it in your microwave for 20 to 30 seconds and then make a hole in one end and sqeeze it like a JIFFY Lemon You will be amazed at the amountof juice you will get
04/09/2012 18:26
Here's a tip for reducing the time for cooking a jacket potato , place potato in microwave and cook on full power for desired time then place in oven to crisp the potato skin, it's much quicker.
04/09/2012 21:07
i was simmering some jam in the kitchen when this wilderbeast suddenly barged in and started kicking the **** out of the cupboards! and then would you believe it the phone rang.....was i fazed was i ****- i just balanced my spoon across the pot.......hello ..... this is a call about your payment protection..................
04/09/2012 07:10
keep the bread in the freezer, butter it while it is still frozen it will defrost within a couple minutes but wont be ripped to shreds.  Trust me I'm an engineer
04/09/2012 17:14
know what you mean, often stuck in a hotel room with lots of local cheese and no knife!!!!!! It`s one of my pet hates.You can use the floss to clean your teeth afterwards, there`s a tip for you
04/09/2012 09:44
'wooden spoon or a spatula'? Any chance of explaining this one?  What is it supposed to do?
04/09/2012 18:10
i find this way still wastefull. i simply slice the pepper straight through the middle from top to bottom then simply pull the core free and rub the seeds out with my fingertips... takes about 7 seconds
04/09/2012 16:27
That method for bacon does not work unless there is drainage as the brine used to cure it comes out and the bacon is cooked but soggy
04/09/2012 11:58
The best way to remove egg shell from the eggs is to use the shell itself, it acts almost like a magnet for the other parts, simples!

04/09/2012 11:04
1) The wooden handle will end up warping from thesteam
2) Be careful with the dental floss - The mint kind may make chesse interesting

04/09/2012 11:19

Pasta should always be cooked for 2 minutes less than it says on the packet unless the instructions are in Italian. Always check it is cooked before draining by biting into a piece and chewing it... if it sticks to your back teeth it's not done, give it another couple of minutes, it should be "al dente" (literally "to the teeth") i.e. chewy but not hard.... it should not be soft & slimey (unless you like it that way). Drain it as soon as it is cooked to your liking & serve straight away as it will continue cooking if left in the hot water.

As to restaurant food tasting better than mine... what an arrogant comment! On the rare occasion when I chose to have something in a restaurant that I usually cook myself I am almost invariably disappointed.

04/09/2012 16:57
Putting the toaster on its side and trying to toast an open sandwich is rather stupid, particularly if you have something like bacon (fatty) in it - quick way to start a fire, go and buy a toast bag, much safer.
For garlic, if you just gently bash the garlic, the skin comes away easily, or if you do not want to touch the garlic just put into press, skin and all, then squeeze!
As for bacon, unless you have dry cured bacon, all you end up with, if you use the tip here, is boiled bacon as all the brine comes out and the bacon cooks in that!
Whoever gave these tips obviously lives somewhere hotter than the UK and does not cook much as our oven could never be clogged up for 10 to 20 hours to dry tomatoes, nor would the butter sit in a fridge that basically froze it!
Why peel ginger, just wash and use skin as well.

04/09/2012 08:09
Healthy eating depends where you are. Hot stews for british winters but fresh oranges at 50 centimos a kilo, walnuts and eco yoghourt in spain, with bucks fizz (fresh pressed oranges, and spanish bubbly for less than 2 euros a bottle.) through winter in Spain.
04/09/2012 10:18

Just run cold water over your hands (no rubbing or soap) after chopping an onion...the spoon is weird.  Lol 'trust me im an engineer'.

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