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06/12/2013 14:15 | By Lucy Mapstone, editor, MSN Celebrity
Tom Kerridge's alternative turkey-free Christmas dinner

Honey roast streaky bacon

Honey roast streaky bacon (© Jon Furniss)
  • Tom Kerridge's alternative Christmas dinner (© Jon Furniss)
  • Tom Kerridge's alternative Christmas dinner (© Lucy Mapstone)
  • Honey roast streaky bacon (© Jon Furniss)
  • Honey roast streaky bacon: the finished bacon (© Jon Furniss)
  • Sprout tops, chestnuts and bacon (© Jon Furniss)
  • Carrot cooking liquor (© Jon Furniss)
  • Spiced orange cake with plum sauce and Christmas pudding ice-cream (© Jon Furniss)
  • Rye bread sauce (© Lucy Mapstone)
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Honey roast streaky bacon

Serves 4

1 800g whole piece of smoked streaky bacon, skinless
200g runny honey

  1. Preheat the oven to 180°C.
  2. Put the piece of bacon on to a baking tray and cover with the runny honey.
  3. Place into the oven and set a timer for 10 minutes. After 10 minutes baste the bacon with the honey and put it back in the oven and reset the timer for another 10 minutes. Repeat the basting and put back into the oven. Set the timer for five minutes and repeat the process. The longer you cook it for the more change you have of burning it so remember to use the timer.
  4. Keep cooking the bacon until the honey is thick and has glazed the bacon all over. It will take about 45-50 minutes. Remove from the oven; take out of the tray and leave to rest on a chopping board.
07/12/2013 19:38
We never have turkey as none of us like it and it is essentially an American import.  We have goose instead.  Buy it from a local farmer who does NOT sell to the supermarkets, and cook it during Christmas morning, draining off the fat from time to time.  This can be used to cook wonderful roast potatoes and is brilliant in pastry.  A few small sausages to please the grandchildren, a selection of fresh vegetables and large jugs of proper gravy......mmmmmmm!  To follow, a pavlova made with my own meringues, and seasonal fruits.  Beat that for flavour, Mr. Kerridge!
07/12/2013 19:22

No Thanks, I will pass on that, I will stick with my once a year traditional Christmas dinner, turkey and all the trimmings including my windy Brussel sprouts.

Chef's like Tom must think that everyone is loaded with cash and can easily afford the kind of meat cuts he is using, erm...wrong.

Merry Christmas and eat what you can afford and think of all the folk on the planet who are not as lucky as you are... !!

Got excited then thinking it was a veggie meal, sadly it isn't.
07/12/2013 18:30

Good'O, as for years I have been fed up with turkey or goosegoggy. Against my wife's resistance & better judgement this year I'm opting to a nice rare beef wellington & a nice rich gravy. Yum-yum.

Now what on earth is wrong with that. What ever you have, have a jolly gooden.

07/12/2013 21:39
I am a type 2 diabetic and also on a low fat diet because of my pancreas they never cater for people with special diets they think everybody can eat a bag of sugar and a block of butter
08/12/2013 09:56

Ha ha, well done, personally I cannot stand turkey. It is an American fashion which has pervaded our shores. I usually cook goose or pork, (yes I do have pig styes at the end of the garden). Otherwise the humble chicken serves equally well. The butchers at Lechlade does a nice line in venison so I may give this recipe a go. Merry Christmas all! :-)


08/12/2013 06:32

In 1946 my family were introduced to a family in Teignmouth Devon who had earlier owned a cider mill. They taught me to appreciate cider. On a visit in 1950 I asked "Where can I get a decent glass of cider?"  and in tones of utter disgust I was told "You can't, they've ploughed up the cider orchards and now it's all French apples and French apple juice".

Recently on holiday in Ibiza I found a bar serving cider from the wood. Heaven! It was a close reminder of real Devon scrumpy. The name on the barrel was Asturias

07/12/2013 23:17
good idea as i am marries to my beautiful  philippina lady ,in some parts or most parts a turkey is classed as a `pet` so  we are having traditional philippine dish of pork(roasted lechon),sesig,bangus with rice etc i will miss the turkey and trimmings but ive had that for so many years it time for a change ,although i must admit the thought of venison sounds good and tasty ,and you really can have turkey at easter or any other time you wish cheers with a bottle of philippine san miguel .......................
Some on here say they want a traditional christmas dinner with turkey, yet in Victorian times and before the traditional christmas dinner in England was actually goose. I cannot stand the taste of turkey and I do not like brussels either. Give me home-made chips on christmas day and I will be happy!!
08/12/2013 12:56

Turkey was,until Bernard Mathews started to breed fast growing turkeys, a very expensive bird, for most families the preferred, because of cost, bird at Christmas was a goose, or beef as both were cheap.

Because of farming methods, after the war, a chicken was a treat as no one farmed chickens, rather they were the province of the farmers wife and an additional source of income for the farm, it is only over the past decade, that chickens, turkeys became plentiful and ordinary people could afford either regularly.

08/12/2013 09:11

Sorry Tom but this is just pretentious naffness. Although you are an undoubtedly talented chef, this has again simply re-enforced the faffy poncyness of celebrity chefs that set out to make the rest of feel that we are too incapable of cooking the most simple of dishes. As some others have mentioned, it is a luxury that only some can afford.

Why not ring the changes and do an amazing 'austerity' Christmas dinner that is imaginative, tasty and is well within the budget of everyone?

now that would really go down well.

Merry Christmas.

07/12/2013 22:43

Turkey free - does he mean go back to duck or goose ?

Used to like this guy until I had puke every time he said 'proper' or even worse 'lush' every 5 minutes on his programme     

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