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Mince pies: tasted and rated

We've tried loads so you don't have to...

Plate of mince pies (© Sam Edwards, OJO Images, Getty Images)
  • Plate of mince pies (© Sam Edwards, OJO Images, Getty Images)
  • Meet the tasting panel (© MSN)
  • Greenhalgh's luxury mince pies, £1.89 for six (© Greenhalgh's)
  • 11th - Aldi Specially Selected luxury mince pies, £1.69 for six (© Aldi)
  • Gregg's sweet mince pies (© Gregg's)
  • Tesco Finest deep filled mince pies with Courvoisier VS cognac (© Tesco)
  • Sainsbury's Taste The Difference brandy rich mince pies (© Sainsbury's)
  • Marks & Spencer all butter mince pies (© Marks & Spencer)
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Nothing tastes and smells quite like Christmas as a cracking good mince pie. But with so many to choose from, we've done the hard work for you. Read on to discover which one our tasting panel has crowned the UK's best mince pie...

15/12/2011 02:37

At £1.20 each I hope they would be "gift wrapped" and delivered by an armed guard.


£1.20 each you kidding,no thanks!SmileTesco's will do for me, the finest of course!!lol

15/12/2011 07:56

The Finest from Tesco's are very tasty, why would you need to pay silly money elsewhere.

15/12/2011 09:06

tescos finest mince pies are great value for money and taste great







15/12/2011 10:46

Greggs the bakers-even better than my own home made ones!

15/12/2011 10:51
sainsbury`s deep filled with a glass of milk... Tongue out
15/12/2011 10:54
Have to agree with david! Aldi Mince Pies are moreish and at a time when pennies are tight it's good to find quality working hand in hand with cost.

15/12/2011 11:37
sainsbury in store mince pies are fab all made with butter  good price a must buy
15/12/2011 11:48

tried and tested a few :

tesco finest quality 6/10 pasty hard

asda own made from bakery 7/10 not bad

morrisons in red box 9/10 pasty sweet and crumbly very nice nicest up to now

not tried sainsburys so their next on my list wont be loosing any weight this xmas lol ho ho ho


15/12/2011 12:37
i decided to make my own with puff pastry and soaked the mincemeat in brandy...oooohhhh dear...a :)) disaster...the best mince pie is anything other than mine...happy xmas
15/12/2011 12:43
Last night had a M & S minced pie, sugar content almost killed me.. Cant they make it with less sugar that you can actually taste the fruits and the pastry. Next time i will be looking which one is the least sugar content or no minced pie again, crappy joe
15/12/2011 13:11
The winner was about  4 times the price of the others they should be better, you very often get what you pay for. I want a mince pie now, I think Sayers the bakers are the best i've had so far this year.
15/12/2011 13:14
Did any of your tasters try Lidl deep filled mince pies? To have tesco`s finest on the list,is a joke.I found them to be dry and not very tasteful.
15/12/2011 13:22
to be honest any mince pie was better than my grans...one sultana and dried up sauce in pastry that geoff capes could have thrown as a shotput
15/12/2011 13:45

I know MSN hacks are London-centric at the best of times, but this really made me scoff on my Asda all-butter mince pie (delicious by the way and unsurprisingly absent from the list).  Not to mention make my Morrisons brandy butter turn sour!


Wake up - not all of us live within distance of a Primrose Hill or other North London pretentious yummy-mummy bakery.  I know this is a bit of fun but please look a little further - there's life on the other side of Hampstead Heath you know.

15/12/2011 15:31
what about 'cooplands' brandy cream or 'greggs' TASTE SENSATION!!!

Next time take em out of the packaging before tasting and let kids do it. £ 120 for a single miced  pie

don'Smilet make me laugh you got an office full of wana be yuppies.Crying

15/12/2011 16:26

I have never had a decent commercial mince pie. My wife can make much better even makes her own mincemeat and she is not even English!

Still 'chacun a son gout'

15/12/2011 17:38
I LOVE mince pies!!!! Christmas wouldn't be Christmas without them. 100% for me
15/12/2011 18:40
lidls mince pies are fantastic.  and cheap. make my own as well, mmmmmmmmmmmmmm
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