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Incredible food world records

The most sinful dessert

The most sinful dessert (© ASSOCIATED PRESS)
  • Soco restaurant at the Dome (© Leon Schadeberg-Rex Features)
  • The most sinful dessert (© ASSOCIATED PRESS)
  • World's meatiest sandwich (© Rex Features)
  • World's longest sandwich (© JAMAL SAIDI-Newscom-RTR)
  • World's largest pizza (© Solent News-Rex Features)
  • Longest sausage (© REX Features)
  • Most popular food (© ASSOCIATED PRESS)
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New York baker Max Brenner makes surely the most sinful desserts on the planet. His chocolate pizza (way more sinful than the one in the picture, though that’s a chocolate one too)  is a thin pastry topped with double melted chocolate chunks, melted marshmallows, candied hazelnut crunchy bits, bananas and peanut butter. His chocolate burger, meanwhile, is a patty of pure milk chocolate ganache topped with melted marshmallow on a brioche bun, with strawberry sauce ("ketchup") and melted white chocolate sauce ("mayonnaise").

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