06/03/2013 12:15 | By Neil Davey, contributor, MSN Food
Pie recipes: how to make the perfect pie

Great pie recipes for British Pie Week

Celebrate Pie Week with 18 wonderful recipes (© Various)
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As the Street Food movement rolls on via - apparently - every other cuisine in the world, British Pie Week (4-10 March 2013) is a chance to celebrate one of the UK's finest - and, as you'll shortly see, most versatile - handheld, pastry-covered eating experiences.

Yes. We know. We've missed your favourite recipe. So what do you think is the best pie filling known to humanity?

04/03/2013 05:03

A terrible recipe for such a traditional english steak and kidney pie,!!

 so many important tips left out,

 you can not bown meat and already browned vegetables together as the vegetables would be even darker,

 the casserole will never be thick without a thickening agent, and you cant put pastry on hot meat or the pastyry will collapse,

you must also let the pastry "Rest" before baking.The kidneys are better blanched first and washed and then added to the casserole.

Am amteur following this recipe would never make a good pie,

Also rosemary, olive oil and garlic and wine  in an english pie NEVER!!!

instead what about a bouquet garni in the casserole ???and perhaps a dash of Worcs sauce

Sorry to be critical but I am a retired British chef who can make a real steak and kidney pie



04/03/2013 09:39

most of these are stews with a topping . a pie is encased in pastry not this designer crap.

04/03/2013 18:21
04/03/2013 18:14
Help! why are my pies going too brown too quickly? I bake them at the suggested temp but they are dark brown on top before they're heated through
04/03/2013 03:55
How to make the perfect pie!, let somebody else make it but make sure that they are not screwing you on the ingredient's., no horsemeat is a plus, but British filling's are most important, a little paki spice, a little african saliva, a smidgen of eastern block cunning, oh and a little piece of 'Government Spin', and there you go, the most perfect pie in the world, (all barring the muslim version otherwise they'll blow us all up).
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