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Forgotten favourites

Aqua Libra

Aqua Libra
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Almost as divisive as Marmite, Aqua Libra was the adult soft drink option of the 80s. If you were an adult, it's what you drank at barbecues when you were the designated driver. If you were 11, it's what you drank to feel like an adult. Some people loved it, some people loathed it, but it always had a presence whenever there was a gathering that involved chargrilled food and coleslaw.

01/10/2011 12:59

I know i'm  giving away my age but does anyone remember black jacks and fruit salad

yum yum !!!!!!!!!


You can still buy all that stuff, what about the good old forgotten favourites long consigned to the history books.


What about Quattro, the 80's 4 fruit drink, Orange Urangutan and Pink Panther candy bars from the 70's (what he hell was that stuff? it was like chocolate, but not chocolate, and in lairy colours) and the best crisps ever, Farmer Browns.


The old stuff was way better, but really not that good for you. When mum thought Findus Crispy Pancakes were a balanced healthy family meal it was the start of the dietary problems we see today. Still, they beat the be-jeezus out of her watery home made sheperd's pie with soggy 'boiled for hours' cabbage!


Right I'm off for a Vesta curry, with raisins!  

29/09/2011 08:59
Does anyone remember spangles and old English spangles, sherbet fountains (still can get them but they changed the packaging) , Smiths crisps with the twist of salt and bring back the name marathon bar , snickers sounds like something American kids ware on their feet (sneakers)
23/09/2011 17:43
Potato puffs, I loved them lol. wish they still made them Smile
21/09/2011 21:58
does anyone remember spangles you could get fruit flavours or butterscotch and toffee flavours or is that too far back for anyone to remember, also milk tray chocolate bars with lime barrels yum

23/09/2011 13:39
Does anyone remember black jacks fruit salad cough candy  sherbet dip curly wurly  and liqurice that tasted like liqurice.now when you buy liqurice allsorts they all taste the same.they are putting cheap rubbish in our confectionary now............ the UK was known for its boiled sweets and chocolate.they have sold a lot of things off.they would sell us if they could
28/09/2011 13:17
Ahhhh your all too young LOL

There were sweets called BLOBS made by Trebor, Toffee Apple, strawberries and cream and Cola, hard outsides but lovely centres... someone must remember these surely??

Also Jamboree bags, 2p back in the early 70's the same as a phone call in the box lol WAIT ITS THE PIPS!!!

Space Dust..... my god that was something else lol all little bits exploding in your mouth, Sherbet Pips and mint pips, FLORAL DROPS!! Tasted like soap!!  Ohh the memories :)
28/09/2011 22:54
how about the small packet of biscuits called fish 'n' chips!! Also Anglo Bubblys, astro belts, sweet peanuts, rice paper that looked like money, rainbow sherbert, golf ball shaped 1p chews, tangy toms, quarter backs, oinks, petrified prawns, 1p larger tops, rainbow drops, candy whistles....and so many more!! a pound seemed to buy you the entire shop!!
29/09/2011 15:52
who remembers birds toffee in the tray with the hammer to break it, also caramac chocolate bars used to love spanish galleon sweet tobbaco oh happy days.
01/10/2011 15:23
Does anyone remember Texan bars,,bite through the chocolate and chew real slow.
22/09/2011 13:39
21/09/2011 20:36
who can remember buttersnaps and potatoe puffs
01/10/2011 13:37
Vesta Beef Curry (nothing like real curry, but oddly moreish)... Golden Cup...  coconut tobacco... sweet cigarettes... Hungry Joes... Angel Delight... Bovril crisps...
24/09/2011 03:36

Kenspeakthetruth is quite right when he says things don't taste like they used to. And I thought it was my taste buds wearing out with old age! I guess it's modern flavourings, sweetners, preservatives, colourings and all the other stuff they pour into our food processings which do it. Remember the scandal a few years back when Ribena was sued for false representation when some school kids in science class discovered there was no Vitamin C in it? Just sugar water. The golden age really was in the swinging 60s!



23/09/2011 00:53

these all still exist and are easily found! I agree SPANGLES, bring em back .

What about bars of Nougat, pink and white, yummy!

28/09/2011 13:07

Parma violets are still available on ebay, I  bought 50 packs for my daughter's wedding earlier this month.

The item I really miss is Meltis Newberry Fruits with their liquid centres. An absolute treat every birthday and Christmas ( + many times in-between)

Another thing I miss is the very tangy jelly bears made with real fruit juice but I can not remember the brand. The ones available now are just not the same. Flying saucers are a pale image of what they were, now that the ingredients have been 'modernised'. I remember them when they first came out and would buy them along with Lees macaroon bars and Spanish tobacco. That certainly dates me

22/09/2011 20:08
In my humble opinion many of these products featured here are mere pale imitations of their former glory, except the Dib-Dabs...they're still strong as I remember them to be..
As anyone will probably agree, many of the old favs sweets like Caramac, Wagon Wheels, Milky Bar, Walnut Whips, Galaxy, etc .may still exist, (at least, last time I checked a couple of years ago), but in name only...the guts have gone out of them, with key ingredients being replaced by cheaper substitutes, sweetners etc...and consequently they don't taste right.
Additionally recommended as still being good confectionary, (although not shown above), are Cadbury's Dairy Milk Chocolate and Bassets Sherbet Fountains.
Most soft drinks have gone the same way...best survivor being Pepsi.

03/10/2011 16:32

Oooooh.... how good it is sometimes to reminisce, so many memories flood back!!!


Now for my two penny worth..... anyone remember the chocolates shaped like tools (saws, drills etc)? Yum.... they were sooooo lovely (well in my opinion anyway)!!!


A trip down memory lane can be very therapeutic you know!!


 That's a pretty feeble list, what about black jacks, sweet tobacco or most of the sweeties weighed out to your budget?

 Two ounces of rainbow kali and a quarter of tom thumb drops please.

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