20/05/2013 14:00 | By Hugh Wilson, contributor, MSN Food
Chelsea Flower Show: guide to edible flowers


Cornflower (© Linda Burgess, Getty Images)
  • Tulips (© Associated Press)
  • Nasturtium (© Associated Press)
  • Rosemary (© Getty Images)
  • Violet (© My Photography, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Trip_And_Spring_005.jpg, CC)
  • Calendula (© Monkey Business Images, Rex Features)
  • Sage (© Image Broker, Rex Features)
  • Cornflower (© Linda Burgess, Getty Images)
  • Dandelion (© Associated Press)
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Cornflower petals taste like mild cloves and make a great garnish.

On Bing: grow cornflowers

21/05/2013 14:31
Please stop complaining all of you...! This article is rather interesting. It shows how people can be creative using products straight from Mother Nature. Not only does it not cost a lot but it is also very healthy. Certainly much better than to buy and eat unhealthy food such as burgers and chips...I love cooking and using my imagination. People should be a bit more adventurous with their food and cooking. Nothing wrong with creativity...!Florence
21/05/2013 20:40
great information on only eat the flowers that you grow.
Allen Williams

21/05/2013 16:59
Campanula are good in salads.They're the small purple flowers you see growing out of brick walls
22/05/2013 19:49

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