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Updated: 27/09/2012 08:21 | By Neil Davey, contributor, MSN Food
20 great British cheeses

Herb-infused gouda

Herb-infused gouda (© DutchGirl Cheese)
  • Herb-infused gouda (© DutchGirl Cheese)
  • Eden Smokie (© Appleby Creamery)
  • Killeen goat's cheese (© Killeen Farmhouse Cheese)
  • Laverstoke ciliegine (© Laverstoke)
  • Lincolnshire Poacher (© Lincolnshire Poacher)
  • Wild garlic yarg (© Lynher Dairies)
  • Montgomery cheddar (© Montgomery)
  • Newport (© Mr Moyden's Handmade Cheese)
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Dutch by way of Gloucestershire, cheesemaker Margaretha of DutchGirl Cheese was a classically trained singer before marrying a farmer and settling in Gloucestershire where she makes this cumin, Italian herb, garlic and onion-infused cheese. It's nominated in the Flavoured category. Margaretha recommends it grilled on toast. We'd say add a glass of pinot grigio.

21/09/2012 19:41

There is no french cheese that compares to British cheese.


Even the French Brie is nothing to a Somerset Brie . 


Best British cheeses Somerset Brie, Shropshire Blue, Garstang Blue ,White Cheshire, Creamy Lancashire.

23/09/2012 15:41
can't beat a bit of ripe stilton with a nice glass of  port! 
21/09/2012 15:55
Every time I've gone to france I've struggled to find good cheese, esp. in their supermarkets! (May have something to do with France being bigger fans of blue cheese, which I only like in some bries) We really do do cheese better than anywhere else! Love the Burwash Rose soft cheese (from a 16th C recipe called Bishops delight!) and Cornish Quartz cheddar, not to mention Yarg - so good with grapes and hovis biscuits! Although I do like a good Manchego.
21/09/2012 20:12
Wenslydale with cranberries or with apricots, absolutely delicious!
23/09/2012 16:13

stuff the stilton,, get a good strong cheese like granny singletons ,, strong lancs or serously strong cheddar makes a great accompliment to any cheese biscuit.....


23/09/2012 13:03
It's Wensleydale, but not as we know it Gromit. 
21/09/2012 16:47

The Mull of Kintyre is a peninsula not too far from Glasgow, the Isle of Mull is an island near Oban... I believe you're mixing the two up...


The song is about the peninsula!

21/09/2012 20:09

Exmoor Blue the finest jersey blue cheese around and their Partridge Blue, their Somerset Blue and their Buffalo Blue. Old fashioned blues, that have been made for years, not like these new boys on the market!

28/09/2012 14:34
24/09/2012 10:21
They mention Lincolnshire Poacher, try Dambuster from Lincolnshire, a great strong cheese that sticks to your mouth - also for those that live blue cheese try Lincolnshire Blue, like stilton but creamy and 100 times better!
24/10/2012 16:22
Bob fromj Levenshulme
Anybody tried Dunsire? A great cheese but  very hard to find.Made in Scotland and I did find a shop in Sheffield that sold by mail order
25/12/2012 12:59
British cheese is wonderful and helps our domestic dairy industry. Cashel Blue is among my favourites, just on crispbread : it's also nice melted into hot pasta. Continental? I love strong cheese, so Vacherin and Picos blue hit the spot.
23/10/2012 22:56

with good cheese forget biscuits just add wine and grapes and apple slices, mmmm...

has anyone tried cornwall's blue cheese? absolutely delicious!!! one of the super markets had it on tasting tray, and soon after that, i never saw it again on their cheese counter.  crying out load! what a shame!!!

21/09/2012 17:17

Best British Cheese - Sussex Charmer, a blend of Cheddar & Parmesan.


Worst British Cheese. Stinking Bishop, Quite horrible in taste & smell.

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