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The UK's best pubs brewing and serving their own beers

The Bull, Highgate, London

The Bull pub in London's well-heeled Highgate (© The Bull pub)
  • Is one of these great pubs near you? (© Flash Parker-Flickr-Getty Images)
  • The Bull pub in London's well-heeled Highgate (© The Bull pub)
  • The Swan on the Green pub in Kent (© The Swan on the Green)
  • The Watermill Inn near Windermere in Cumbria (© The Watermill Inn)
  • The Clockwork Beer Co in Glasgow (© The Clockwork Beer Co)
  • Tap East, Westfield Stratford, London (© Tap East)
  • The Botanist pub in London's Kew (© The Botanist)
  • The Marble Arch pub in Manchester (© The Marble Arch)
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When Dan Fox left the legendary White Horse in Parsons Green to open his own venture he was always going to be watched closely. And the good news is that he hasn't disappointed.

His new pub, The Bull, is home to the fledgling London Brewing Company, which is a small two and a half barrel plant hidden at the back of the pub. The Bull's two most notable brews are the house bitter, Beer Street, a suppable session ale with a light and enjoyable straw-like bitterness; and the Galena Red, a feisty brew with bucket-loads of spicy orange notes.

The pub also has a good selection of world beers and seasonal food with a bit of an American diner twist. Look out for 'Wings Wednesday' in particular, 10 for a fiver of the most morish chickeny delights around!

Good to know:
Cards accepted
Large function room upstairs
Car park

The Bull, 13 North Hill, Highgate, London, N6 4AB

11/12/2011 17:05
The best pub serving real ales in the swansea valley is the Ancient Briton at Ynyswen  well worth a visit
12/12/2011 15:31
and then going out pissed out of your mind and mowing down innocent children and old folks.

and merry xmas to you too
12/12/2011 15:50
Glad the Flower Pots is there. Fantastic beer, lovely pub.
12/12/2011 15:57
There used to be plenty of good Pubs about and Christmas and the New Year were top times to visit them and join in the fun, those days are long gone since the ill thought out Smoking Ban was forced onto the country, smokers and their money are no longer Welcome. Time we had some cheer in this country and some common sense shown, Reform the ban, allow Choice to all and we may have a Happy Christmas and New Year once again. Tolerance is a wonderful thing.
12/12/2011 16:49
s. urehman - You self righteous nob jockey.
12/12/2011 16:54
I think you will find the best real ale pub in Nottingham is the Vat and Fiddle,which is the tap house of CASTLE ROCK BREWERY. Always as a selling a good range of there own ales plus guest ales.                   
12/12/2011 17:40
London-centric again - forget London. There's a whole other country out there!

12/12/2011 17:44
12/12/2011 17:56
what about the Fur and Feather Inn Woodbastwick? fabulous beer with the brewery next door! bad over sight msn!!
12/12/2011 18:10

Fat Cat in Sheffield. So good you find their beers in major supermarkets.


This article is bone idle journalism. What did you do look through Yell for london?

12/12/2011 19:41
Has no one considered Belviour Brewery near Melton Mowbray great beers along with great food and an even  better atmosphere

wey hey,


good on ya pal, guess what i already do brew my own. Dont,t care what the goverment says you aint taking my pint away from me, i deserve it. I work dam hard for it, ill say that again i work dam hard for my money.  Not everyone wants to go silly cycling and jogging through the town centre just to show off. Some of us want to relax and enjoy life at a steady pace and that is good enough a life for us, so cheers to the drinkers.


I love a good quality pint, so do me pals and lasses. Great company and great conversation also, none of that call centre rubbish and office crap. Just a good conversation amongst friends and good laughs all round, god bless ya.


i agree,


there is to many do gooders in this country,  time to get the pubs open again and have some normal conversation and good times. None of this false rubbish we see everywhere, that aint living at all, that is living like you are on your nerves edge.  We need good pubs and good times back and i bet you it does come back, in fact i know it will come back. As we have learnt to many people are obsessed with money you have gone mad with money it has consumed you completely and sent you right off the rails. Good thing i saw what labour was going to do to the credit system, hey hey eyyyy labour you did,nt ge me, ((((((( sticking me tongue out ))))),,,, yep thats right some of us know when to stear clear of idiots like you.


Raise ya pint for the strength of the good honest Englishman and women god bless ya, yep im poor, yep im havent got a lot in me pockets, but by hook or by crook im going to live my life in a good old kness style, if you want ot send the world in depths of doom get on with it, because no matter what i say or other good people, you will never listen what so every.


Cheers to all teh drinkers and good common folk who do all the hard graft and back breaking work, with out us they would be nothing.

12/12/2011 20:33
The Blue Anchor has some of the best beer in the country, the best of these in my opinion is middle it is superb!!! So if you are in Cornwall at any time I rcommend a visit to try the beer!!!
12/12/2011 20:37

if you are in glasgow try Brew Dog opposite the kelvingrove art gallery.

nae wishy washy beer in in there. they brew their own and have some brilliant guest ales  from all over the world.

there are also in aberdeen and edinburgh and plan to open in leeds.

12/12/2011 20:55
The Marble Arch has been one of my favourites for more years than i care to disclose. Also try, THE STAR in Higher Broughton, Salford 7. A community owned public house with it's own brewery on the premises, BAZENS Brewery. Bazens is a well established local brewing company with several awards to it's credit. HIGHLY recommended. Richard and Jude of Bazens are faulous people and totally commited to their brewing. 
12/12/2011 21:05
If you're in Glasgow looking for a good pint, a pint of actually fresh beer, Brew Dog (mentioned below) and West Brewery next to Glasgow Green near enough the only places to go. The Clockwork takes 3rd place.
12/12/2011 21:18
Well it seems with the "thumbs down" on my previous comment that Tolerance and good will is still Not on the Menu in this country. Not to worry,  Common sense will be shown in the future. WinkWink
12/12/2011 21:39
@ frank

On the contrary....tolerance and good will very much my attitude!  It's just I much prefer visiting pubs and restaurants for a good night and not coming home stinking of stale second hand smoke and with a sore throat.  I do not miss the days of smokey pubs I'm afraid.  Commonsense says the preference of the minority should not be permitted to impact on the comfort and health of the majority.

That said... happy christmas!

12/12/2011 21:48
Brighton boy, The Blue Anchor in Helston, Highly recommended. I had two pints of Spingo watched the Floral dance. WOW, do it. Only one day each year...Cheers my Hansome! 
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