19/06/2013 16:30 | By Craig Butcher, senior editor, MSN Food
All in a froth over latte art

Forget reading tea leaves. Barista Kazuki Yamamoto's incredible coffee froth art tells a full story in your cup...

Giraffe, Ted and rabbit (© Kazuki Yamamoto, Rex Features)
  • Giraffe, Ted and rabbit (© Kazuki Yamamoto, Rex Features)
  • Giraffe (© Kazuki Yamamoto, Rex Features)
  • Bear (© Kazuki Yamamoto, Rex Features)
  • Mickey Mouse (© Kazuki Yamamoto, Rex Features)
  • Aladdin (© Kazuki Yamamoto, Rex Features)
  • Rabbit (© Kazuki Yamamoto, Rex Features)
  • Hello Kitty (© Kazuki Yamamoto, Rex Features)
  • Salvador Dali (© Kazuki Yamamoto, Rex Features)
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These amazing pictures were created in the froth of cappuccinos poured by barista Kazuki Yamamoto. The talented 26-year-old perks up customers to his coffee shop in Osaka, Japan by using his nimble skills to make cheerful images on top of the drinks. Amazingly, Kazuki says he has notched up over 2,000 of the mini masterpieces.

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19/06/2013 10:27
Random article, I dislike coffee, but still quite cool. 
18/06/2013 20:05
I drink tea,what can you do with that.  What's the point of all this:-)
18/06/2013 22:43
not being funny but those drinks will b cold by the time they faff about..... so what does a customer want a simple coffee which is hot or a design on it thats cold!!!!
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