07/08/2012 10:49 | By Sophie Atherton, contributor, MSN Food
10 new, rare or exclusive cask ales

A hit list of beers to seek out at the Great British Beer Festival...

Cask ales (© Adermark Media, Flickr, Getty Images)
  • Cask ales (© Adermark Media, Flickr, Getty Images)
  • Stiff Upper Lip, By the Horns (© By the Horns)
  • XT1, XT1 Brewing (© XT1 Brewing)
  • Black Cherry Mild, Kissingate Brewery (© Kissingate Brewery)
  • Wreckless, Red Willow Brewery (© Red Willow Brewery)
  • Sixpenny Special, Sixpenny Brewery (© Sixpenny Brewery)
  • Siberia, Melissa Cole and Ilkley Brewery (© Melissa Cole and Ilkley Brewery)
  • Barry Island IPA, Simon Martin and Brains Brewery (© Simon Martin and Brains Brewery)
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Although the 'more than 800 beers' on offer includes bottles and ciders, they don't call the Great British Beer Festival the world's biggest pub for nothing; it is a primarily a festival of cask beers. Sprint on down to Olympia and get your laughing gear round some of the best brews from around the UK.

08/08/2012 08:16
There are so many beers, ciders and perries to chose from now, the choice is amazing. My personal favourite is Rivet Catcher from the Jarrow Brewery, but I have tasted excellent ales from wales, scotland and england. Time to visit Ireland I think.
08/08/2012 12:38

Well, I wouldn't drink anything brewed by Morrissey-Fox... They were trying to challenge the 'Hoegaarden' market, and had a blind tasting [shown on TV] during which a taster sussed they were going for the 'poncy blonde beer served in a flowerpot at £5 a throw' clientele - whereupon Morrssey launched into a tirade of abuse against the [knowledgeable] taster who'd rumbled their game.


I won't drink Bateman's out of principle either - not since they did a commemorative 'Iron Lady' Ale a couple of years ago.


Frankly, if you know what to look for, the supermarkets have some absolutely top notch Real Ales - Badger's Champion Ale, Hook Norton Old Hooky, Butcombe Ale...


Beers Festivals aren't all they're cracked up to be - badly transported beers poorly kept... served warm, turbid & unsettled, oxidized & refermented [ripe for gutrot and nausea] that bear no relation whatsoever to those same beers drunk under normal pub or bottle conditions.



08/08/2012 07:59
You do know it is the Great British Beer Festival don't you?  Not the Great English Beer Festival.
11/08/2012 09:04
I worked with Brains Brewery for this Collaboration brew, come and take a look at my Youtube channel where I made my name www.youtube.com/realaleguide or twitter @realaletoday
08/08/2012 13:47
I seem to remember a real ale called black adder.  Nice fruity flavour, almost the colour of guiness.  It was quite strong 4.8 +% After a couple, all you wanted to do was sleep!  Don't remember which brewery, but it was really nice.
08/08/2012 14:00
If you are ever in the vicinity of Pontypridd take a wander to The Bunch of Grapes on Ynysangharad Road and try their O1 beer, Otley brewery independant brewers, fantastic beer and food to boot!! My husband who is from Wales originally can only buy it in the occasional pub in London or Borough Market.
08/08/2012 13:01
Beers are better Up North, non listed here??!!
08/08/2012 08:53

We are a small brewery co-operative in West Sussex, but I can confirm that our beers are the best I've tasted. 'Black William, Ropetackle Gold and Happy Everafter' are some of our beers.  Look out for

Adur Brewery beers when you visit West Sussex.

08/08/2012 09:52
You can't beat a good pint of Holt's bitter, good old Joesph Holts Brewery
08/08/2012 08:36
Numbering your beers is not a new idea. Baltica in Russia have been doing it for years.
The "Man" behind XT1 must think he's really clever!!!!!.
Why don't people come up with their own ideas instead of using others. Madman.
08/08/2012 09:06
With our once Great British Pubs still being forced out of Business because of the ill thought out Smoking Ban what is the point of New Ales, it's customers they need, time to get the Majority of customers back into the Pubs and Clubs, time to Reform the ban and offer CHOICE to all. Bans and Discrimination do nothing for Business, Choice does, the UK is out of step and needs to change to save both Businesses and Jobs.
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